Colorado oil and natural gas are used to better Colordan's lives each and every day, in ways many don’t even realize. The truth is energy developed right here in Colorado is cleaner, better, and safer than almost anywhere else. Whether it be the essential equipment needed to develop the "miracle vaccines" for COVID-19 or your favorite pair of skis, oil and natural gas played a key part in producing these products.

The Truth About
Energy In Colorado

  • Outdoor recreation companies like The North Face and Patagonia not only use natural gas and oil in their products but also require these elements to transport their products to users across the globe. A majority of outdoor gear, from waterproof jackets to ski boots to climbing ropes, begin with oil and natural gas in the manufacturing process. Learn More.

  • Oil and natural gas touch all corners of health care and the medical industry. Products such as IV components, syringes, tubing, polypropylene masks, gowns and goggles require oil and natural gas to be produced. The refrigeration required to house COVID-19 vaccines is also made possible by oil and natural gas. Learn More.

  • Oil and natural gas developed in Colorado is produced cleaner than most anywhere and prevents us from relying on foreign sources for energy. Learn More.

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